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Artful Dodger Golden Retriever - TJHO8

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S e c r e t s The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular pets in America, beloved for its friendly good-natured disposition. And who can resist those sad eyes? This intelligent pup artfully pretends that he has not yet been fed by concealing a heap of kibble behind the upturned bowl. While Master Carver Peter Calvesbert was working on this piece, he purchased a new computer with Microsoft XP installed on it, and immediately returned to working on the old computer since the new one has taken to crashing. In England the term 'dog's breakfast' refers to anything that is something of a mess, so Peter has carved 'XP' on the inside of the dog bowl. The suggestion for this Box Figurine came from the winner of a Harmony Kingdom contest, Cyndra Henry, whose name is inscribed on the interior. The artist's signature mouse peeps out from under the golden's shaggy fur.