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Algenon - Cat - TJCA8

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S e c r e t s This box figurine is based on Peter's kitten, Algy. Here Algy gets into trouble while chasing a bird, upsetting a flowerpot full of bulbs. The mouse is upside down under a leaf near Algy's paw. On Version 1, the inside of the box depicts Peter in a bubble bath with his rubber ducky. Inside Version 2 there are three balls of wool and a pair of knitting needles. The inscription on the lid, "ZOE BAIN," refers to an old girlfriend of Peter's with whom he had lost touch. Peter inscribes, "July 3 Where R U? " (the arrow pointing to Peter's e-mail address) in hopes that Zoe might see his message and contact him. The e-mail address was removed on Version 2. Other inscriptions include "LG" (which stands for "Little Ginger," Algy's formal name), and I2E1 (which means "Italy 2, England, 1," the sweepstake score at the HK UK office before the qualifying football game for the World Cup. The result was a draw, and England got through to the next round.) The hallmarks include ?, heart, HBC logo, ed.#, and Pc.